Nursing Creams For Perfect Usages: What Would You Need?

Particular attention should therefore be paid to the cosmetics used in this period to preserve skin and hair and not compromise the health of the baby on the way. Do you know that particular light that pregnant women emanate? Well, it is not about popular beliefs or suggestion, since the first weeks of pregnancy, in fact, a woman’s body experiences a new youth. Cellular aging slows down and the tissues regenerate faster, the face appears brighter, the hair is softer and shinier and the body is more toned and elastic.

But pregnancy is also the time when a woman’s body changes and needs new care and attention. The skin can become more sensitive and reactive, in some cases a kind of acne may appear, stretch marks (striae) and sun spots ( chloasma gravidarum ) may form . Particular attention should therefore be paid to the cosmetics used in this period to preserve the skin and not compromise the health of the baby on the way. Choosing the best nursing cream is essential there.

Body care

Stretch marks or striae are certainly one of the most feared imperfections by expectant mothers. Due in part to weight gain and in part to hormonal variations, they appear during pregnancy in people predisposed on the belly, breasts and buttocks due to the breakdown of collagen fibers present in the dermis, first as red-purple streaks then white bright in the advanced stage. The only way to prevent or reduce their formation is to keep body weight under control, exercise and avoid wearing clothes that are too tight to facilitate circulation and cell turnover. It is then essential to apply a good cream with elasticizing properties every day.

The Use of the Diet

The diet must be varied and balanced, especially rich in fruit and vegetables, legumes, dried fruit, oily fish and vegetable oils that help regenerate the skin and collagen fibers. During pregnancy, the need for amino acids increases, therefore, in the case of vegan diets, it is advisable to follow the instructions of a good nutritionist to avoid running into nutritional deficiencies. Even physical activity practiced consistently helps to keep the skin toned and elastic. Green light for yoga, water aerobics and a half-hour walk a day. The effects also in this case will be positive for the whole organism.

“Anti-stretch mark” creams and vegetable oils such as wheat germ oil, olive oil, avocado oil and shea butter , to be applied daily from the first months of pregnancy, are equally essential to prevent formation of stretch marks. It is not necessary to buy products that are declared “maternity” or “anti-stretchmarks”, in fact a simple body cream rich in ingredients with an emollient and elasticizing actionmay be enough: vegetable oils and butters, vitamin E and amino acids with a repairing and pro-collagen action are some examples.


You can possibly enrich the body cream at the moment by mixing a knob of cream on the palm of the hand with a few drops of olive oil or wheat germ oil, or, first apply a light layer of oil or shea butter to the skin and then the cream .