The Most Common Reasons For Divorce

Today, any form of marriage dissolution is very visible in almost all part of the world. In fact, though accomplishing these kinds of proceedings in some countries is quite taxing, still this does not stop them from wanting to do the deed. According to statistics, in US, almost half of the first marriages end up in divorce. What could be the reason behind all of these break-ups? Why is it so easy for them to give up each other? 

Building a family is challenging thing. Yet, after many years of struggling to build a formidable one, still they can easily come with a decision as big and as serious as a divorce. For sure everyone will agree if I will say that divorce can dramatically change not only your life but the life of everyone involved. No matter how smooth the divorce proceedings went, still there are parties who are sacrificed in the process and most of the time, it is the children.

According to the survey, these are the most common reasons why divorce or any forms of dissolution of marriages are now very visible:

  • They plunge into marriage for wrong reasons – usually, two couples will decide to marry because they cannot endure living separately anymore as they love each other very much to still go on living apart. But there are people who are only leaping into marriage for security like they are penniless and their partners to be are more financially stable. They feel that such person can make their dreams come true. But after just a short time, they realized that money is not everything after all and when you used to having it, that’s the time when you will start yearning for the real meaning of marriage.
  • When someone will be lost in the relationship like she does not know her own preferences anymore. She became so dependent with her partner’s preferences. When the time will come for her to realize what is happening, she will most likely look for herself outside marriage.
  • When intimacy is gone between the married couple. There are really situations when the couple become like board mates already. Because of the many obligations in trying to earn and attending to the needs of their children, they forget to be romantically intimate to their partners thus their marriage developed into a dull and boring one.
  • When one of the partners have too much expectations in their marriage and it will not be realized. It is usual for anybody though to expect so much in a relationship but they must also be realistic and always be ready if their expectations will not be met. As we are in an imperfect world, you cannot expect everything that you want to be realized. So, you should be brave to face reality.

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