What is an Industrial PC?

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Consider an IPC (Industrial PC) as a desktop computer with many of the same technological characteristics and features: microprocessor and RAM type. Media storage, interface ports, performance, and so on. An Industrial PC, on the other hand, is a ruggedized system that can be used on the factory floor. Check out Xyreon for more information on Advantech industrial PC Malaysia.


In 1984, IBM produced the 5531 Industrial Computer, which is often regarded as the first “industrial PC.” May 21, 1985, saw the release of the IBM 7531, an industrial variant of the IBM AT PC. In 1985, Industrial Computer Source introduced the 6531 Industrial Computer. This was a 4U rackmount industrial computer based on an IBM PC clone motherboard.


Process control and/or data acquisition are the main uses of industrial PCs. In certain circumstances, in a dispersed processing environment, an industrial PC is just utilised as a front-end to another control computer. A new piece of software can be built for a specific application, or an off-the-shelf package like TwinCAT, Wonder Ware, Labtech Notebook, or LabView can be utilised as a starting point. MACSYM 120 combined IBM 5531 and MACBASIC, a multitasking basic operating on C/CPM from Digital Research, and Analog Devices was given exclusive sales for OEM European industrial markets. The MAC120 is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use controllers for plant applications available today, thanks to analogue and digital I/O cards inserted into the PC and/or expansion rack. The I/O provided by the motherboard, such as the serial port, maybe all that is needed by an application. In other circumstances, expansion cards are installed to offer analogue and digital I/O, a specialised machine interface, extended communications ports, and other features that the application requires.

In terms of stability, compatibility, expansion options, and long-term supply, industrial PCs are different from consumer PCs.

Industrial computers are usually produced in smaller quantities than home or office computers. The 19-inch rackmount form factor is a prominent category of industrial PC. Industrial PCs are often far more expensive than office computers of comparable capabilities. Industrial PC systems usually use single-board computers and backplanes. COTS motherboards, on the other hand, are used in the majority of industrial PCs.

Panel PCs are a subclass of industrial PCs that have a display, usually an LCD, in the same enclosure as the motherboard and other electronics. These are usually installed on a panel and have touch displays for user interaction. They are available in a variety of configurations, including low-cost devices with no environmental sealing, heavy-duty models sealed to IP67 standards to be waterproof at the front panel, and explosion-proof models for use in hazardous settings.

What is a Panel PC?

It’s usually a computer that has all of the functions of an IPC but is housed in a considerably smaller mechanical construction than a workstation. This usually means fewer expansion slots (or none at all), but because of its tiny footprint and lightweight, it’s suitable for panel or wall installation, as well as swivel-arm applications. External devices are frequently used to accomplish signal conditioning and data acquisition (see the Data Acquisition section).

Advantech industrial pc Malaysia