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One potential cause of toxicity is the fact that the cotton or wood fibers may have been breached; for example, the Tencel fiber is usually bleached before use. Some of the methods used to accomplish this include the use of chlorine, which may cause contamination issues throughout the manufacturing process and residues to stay on the wipe. Some labels, either in words or with the initials TCF, state that we will not detect any traces of chlorine in our samples (totally chlorine-free).

Malaysia's best online baby store

What is it about them that draws our attention

It is typical to see statements on wipe packets that state “free of such and such,” and the reason for this is because the public has been cautioned for a long time about potentially harmful chemicals. Parabens, preservatives that have been shown to disrupt the endocrine system and are already being phased out of cosmetics in general, as well as alcohol, are often included in these types of claims. Specifically, ethyl alcohol (such as that found in alcoholic drinks) is mentioned, which dries out the skin and has been absent from cosmetic goods for a long time because of this. In Malaysia’s best online baby store you can have the best deal.

Use of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is now considered to be one of the “star ingredients.” There are some brands that specifically mention this substance in the name of the product, such as Baby Cream Aloe Vera wipes. In this case, the formula contains 25 ingredients, with the aloe vera derivative appearing as the penultimate ingredient, leading us to believe that, despite the claim, its presence may be a testimonial to the efficacy of the product. While this may be a benefit in this instance, it is important to note that the derivative in issue is leaf extract, which, as we have previously seen, has been designated as a potential carcinogen.

The residue: do not flush it down the toilet!

When we buy wipes, we may see a symbol on the box warning us not to flush more than two or three wipes down the toilet. 

  • Nevertheless, the cautions that this may result in clogging of the pipelines as well as obstructions in the treatment facilities. 
  • The reality is that all single-use wipes are resistant to staining and odors because of the fibers used and the manner they are assembled. They are constructed in such a way that they will not break apart while we are using them. This also implies that they do not disintegrate when flushed down the sink or toilet. 
  • In 2014, the experts said that these wipes were responsible for 46 percent of the emergency calls they responded to and that the traffic bottlenecks they create account for eight out of ten calls for pipe cleaning services. The costs of the repairs that result from them may be as high as € 300.

Last Words

We have only discovered one exception to this rule: the Hydraspun Dispersible Plus technology, which was created in late 2014 and is now in use. Through the use of this technique, it is feasible to create a nonwoven that is entirely composed of wood cellulose and that meets the “disintegrability” criteria established by the International Nonwoven Industry Association (EDANA). Only one brand of wipes, Masmi, has been discovered to be produced using this technique, and it is the only one available on the market. Someone who has used them has informed us that they do not come apart when she holds them in her hands.