Celebrities That You Might Not Know That Have A Gambling Addictions

Source : Santa Clarita Valley Signal

It’s no secret that stars are keen on spending their money. It’s common for famous people to buy anything from luxury cars to real estate, but there’s an increasing number of celebrities who prefer to play their earnings away at casinos and poker tournaments.

Gambling can act as a means of making fun. You need to play smart though if you want to earn money. Gambling is more of a mystery if you ask us. Until you spend a large amount of money you need to get prepared.

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Nonetheless, many people around the world weren’t well enough trained for this. They became addicted to gambling, because of that. Let us look at all these celebrities that have serious gambling addictions.

  1. Tiger Woods

Golf fans enthusiasts enjoy all that is related to Tiger Woods. He has already made some big achievements that most players aspire to achieve. Something you didn’t know about him though, is that he’s well known for gambling and womanizing. 

This professional golfer makes money in a jaw-dropping way. And he wants to invest a portion of that gambling income. Woods is a high roller whose credit line was $1 million at one stage at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Germany. 

Rumors exist that the golfer is gambling tens of thousands of dollars on blackjack. Apparently once he lost $250,000 at a Sin City casino where he was going to host a function. 

Believe it or not, one casino even limited its bets to $1 million because he was one of the top players of the high roller. Amidst that, he also demanded that the casino provide him with a gambling table surrounded by many attractive women.

2. Michael Jordan

We ‘re not even going to think about his basketball talents, because he’s certainly an icon. Yet his gambling skills aren’t good enough. 

His history of gambling begins in 1993 when he confessed to gambling addictions. He said he spent about 165,000 dollars for one day in Atlantic City.

Even till this day he still plays poker actively. Even though he’d never been good, the basketball legend continued to play poker. Jordan also enjoys sports gambling, and he reportedly lost more than a million bets on golf.

3. Charles Barkley

Similar to Jordan, he also faces the same difficulties as his career at gambling isn’t so good. 

He reported, in one of his interviews, that he lost $700,000 in just one weekend. He was betting on the Super Bowl. Besides that, he also lost around 2.5 million on blackjack in one night!

4. Charlie Sheen

The notorious actor is known for over-consuming alcohol and drugs, however still he’s not a stranger to gambling.

It is not a misconception, either, as his ex-wife Denise Richards revealed the specifics of his gambling problem. She says he spent about 200,000 dollars on gambling per week and even that amount of money was not sufficient to curb his ability to gamble.

5. Tobey Maguire

Having less appearance in movies these days does not stop this start to still overspend.

This former Spiderman actor enjoys poker, and is pretty good at that. Maguire has so far raised $10 million on this game, according to some source. 

He is a frequent and popular player in World Series Of Poker, too. Yet his love for poker comes with a price and the actor has been battling serious addiction to gambling.

6. Floyd Mayweather

His nickname ‘Money’ suits him really well and only knows how to spend it carelessly. He has been said to have once won $3 million bets on college football.

When we talk about gambling this unbeaten professional boxer lost a lot of matches. Believe it or not, he has spent over $3 million on the college wager he made for football. Despite this, he has the habit of spending about $400,000 on a single sporting event.

7. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is a well-known gambler who is passionate about two things-blackjack and poker. He even confirmed that he lost around $400,000 in a single poker hand once.

His struggles with addictions began in 2001. He also got himself into therapy in that year because his addiction was too bad but that didn’t help him much. 

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