Cool Offices Around The World

We have been working from home for at least a year now. Or maybe more.  The World is slowly seeing its return back to the office space. 

It is bound to see some changes as a result of the current world pandemic. Soundproof conference rooms for video calls, optimized spaces for work from home, extra outdoor space, collaborative spaces, in-house gyms with treadmill Malaysia, and many more are going to be the new trends in the design world. Before calling up your choice of Malaysia exterior design company, here is a look at the top 4 office spaces around the world (For a little dose of inspiration) 

  1. Cartoon Network In Atlanta 

Few companies still adopt the cubicle system for their design. Cartoon network offices have utilized the cubicle system to their advantage. Cartoonists and illustrators are given the freedom to personalize their own cubicles and make the best of their space. It gives them an opportunity to have their own curated office, within the office itself. The cubicle space is for extreme creative work, long hours, and for maximum comfort. When working endless hours on working on the tiniest of details of the cartoons to managing controversies, we do tend to crave our own space. 

  1. Airbnb In Dublin

Set in a disused warehouse, top architects in Dublin collaborated to bring this warehouse to life. The goal of the Airbnb office situated in Dublin was to ensure employees can find one another easily in their neighborhood concept. Space is divided into two-part, the primary and secondary workspace. The primary workspace has the usual: The large desk, storage, and lounge areas. The secondary workspace is where the kitchen, and meeting rooms are situated. Much like the one in San Francisco and other locations, the Airbnb office is unique and improves the wellbeing of the individual through socialization. 

  1. Slack In San Francisco

During this pandemic, we have encountered slack once or twice. Or maybe your company uses it constantly. Slack is slowly is the future of productive tools in the work environment. Slowly replacing Gmail for work, it is considered one of the best for collaboration and team management. The CEO of slack loves nature and hiking. He combined his love for the wilderness with the office design and structure and leads the design by the irregularity and beauty of the wilderness. The office is home to botany that takes on virtual trips around the world. Whether you are in an elevator or a lounge, it takes you on trips and uncovers nature’s pathway that changes on monthly basis or according to long-term projects. 

  1. Google Office In Japan

Integrating elements of history and culture, Japan’s google office is quite the futuristic office. The office has a large mural of mountain fuji on one side while the other floor is home to a traditional bathhouse-inspired theme. Fishponds, timber houses, and tradition-inspired cafes and lounge areas, hold every dearest part of japan in the walls of the office. Different zones of productivity in the office are stimulated by various elements such as colors, cushions, and stations. 

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