Internet Home: why choose fiber optics

There are more and more inquiries to install Internet plan. It is a major telecommunication service through fiber optics, a trend that is growing both in Malaysia and in the world. The success of this modality is due, in principle, to the fact that it is a type of high-speed broadband connection, so it is the preferred one of those who need speed and uninterrupted internet for both telework, study or entertainment (especially in times of pandemic).

Why Choose Fiber Optic Internet?

The Internet was invented 30 years ago and since then it has been improving and becoming a basic service for many people. The new novelty is the fiber optic Internet, undoubtedly one of the most recommended today for many aspects.

First of all, one of its benefits is that it can be faster than cable Internet, which is the most widely used at the moment, since it is also the most offered by Internet companies.

On the other hand, it is important to emphasize that fiber optic Internet and fiber optic unifi bebas coverage can be less expensive than other Internet services. Not because of the prices of the plan in general, but because many times, for cable Internet to work well, the most expensive plan is usually needed, that is, the plan with more megabytes that companies offer. In the case of fiber optics, the basic plan is fast and works without interruptions even in family homes that have many devices connected at the same time.

In addition, it is also the most chosen by ecologists and people committed to the environment because the Home Internet by fiber optic is the best option that exists on the market today for them. Cables used for service are immune to electromagnetic interference, which is not the case with copper pipes, which consume a lot of power. In addition, another great advantage for the environment is that fiber optic materials are more resistant because although glass threads are the thickness of a hair inside the cable, they can last for many years, while copper ones suffer oxidation and overheating due to the temperature changes that this metal undergoes, inside or outside the earth.

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