Remote control vibrating egg

Perfect to innovate and surprise, breaking with the routine of your intimate relationships. Use it when you want and how you want, in bed, dining in a restaurant, in a meeting etc.

Unleash your imagination and enjoy.

Remote control stimulator for couples that achieves intense erotic sensations. It adapts to the shape of your body, made of silicone with a soft and silky touch. It is the perfect 情趣用品 to use alone or as a couple, clitoral or vaginal.

Get out of the routine and dare to wear it to a romantic dinner while your partner controls the vibrations and powers. There is nothing more exciting than playing in public without anyone knowing.

On the other hand, you can use it in a thousand more ways, because due to its size you can adapt it to almost any erogenous zone. Try the doggy position while you stimulate the clitoris with vibrating egg and you will see how achieving orgasm is easier and more pleasant.

How to turn vibrating egg on / off

The first of all is to charge it once you receive it until the led light stops flashing. Next, you can place the battery that is included in the remote.

If you want to use vibrating egg without the remote, just hold the vibrating egg button for a few seconds, you will see that the led light turns on, press again once. Clever!

If you want to control vibrating egg with the controller, you have to turn it on first from the button as before, then hold the button on the controller and it will be ready to play. To turn off the controller, hold the controller button again for a few seconds.

Important to note: once you have stopped it from the remote, you will notice that the toy continues to flash. It is important so that it does not consume battery, also turn it off from the button on the toy.

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