Roof maintenance in 2021: The Crucial Information

What is the annual service for when you have a manufacturer’s warranty? In order to ensure long-term safe operation and maintain the warranty from the manufacturer of the coating, your roof must be in good condition. Therefore, it is imperative to do annual maintenance. Nothing keeps your home better than regular maintenance.

The roofing company “RGS” has been providing roof installation services for many years. Expert knowledge and experience allow to competently carry out inspections and maintenance of roofs. For each roof, an individual inspection plan is prepared, which includes recommendations for operation and maintenance prescribed by the manufacturer of the roofing material, drainage system, skylights, etc. After conducting the survey, RGS Maintenance provides the customer with a detailed report, which will describe the current state, the identified problems, and the causes of their occurrence, measures to eliminate the problems.

Roof maintenance program

If you are in the process of purchasing a home

When buying a house, it is recommended to contact specialist roofers, as generalists may not identify some problems with the roof and will most likely assess its condition visually from the ground, although serious problems can be under the roofing. An outwardly good roof can hide problems. Which in the future will bring the cost of repairing or replacing the roof.

By ordering from us a service for assessing the condition of the roof and all its elements, you will receive qualified reliable information and a detailed report, which will describe the current state, the problems identified and the causes of their occurrence, as well as measures to eliminate the problems.

Winter roof maintenance

Roof maintenance in winter includes timely cleaning of snow and ice, which is an important preventive measure to avoid the destruction of load-bearing structures, depressurization of roofing and insulating materials, spontaneous precipitation of accumulated precipitation onto the adjacent house area, people’s heads, and vehicles.

Demi-season service

Periodic inspections of the roof and drainage system allow timely detection and elimination of minor defects in roofing and insulating materials, cleaning of leaves and dirt from drain funnels, gutters, and, therefore, preventing stagnation and water flow under the roof. These measures significantly extend the turnaround time of your home.

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