The Must-Haves In Your Kitchen During Lockdown 

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Lockdown means we are back to being in the coziness of our kitchen, grinding from the comfort of our home, and enjoying the safety. The chaos that was brought by the pandemic seems so little when we spend our days disconnected from the world in our homes. However, the truth is a little different. The lockdown has changed many things. It has changed the way we shop, it has changed the way retailers perceive us, and it has certainly changed the way we stock up our homes. 

From the kitchen to the living room and even the bedroom, it is a different scene from the day we began lockdown. We have accommodated our bedroom to take care of our needs during the lockdown. Meanwhile, it is about time we do the same thing in the kitchen.

There are certain things in the kitchen we should definitely not miss out on during lockdown. Our grocery runs and hardware store runs are extremely limited in the midst of curfews and restrictions. There is no choice to go lookout for food in the middle of the night except for calling up for fresh grocery delivery malaysia in the middle of the day. With the inconvenience of lockdown in mind, here are some things you should definitely have ready to go in the kitchen! 

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Sanitizing Wipes

It is important to sanitize everything in your home, but especially your grocery items, canned good, and others. The things you buy should be readily sanitized before being touched and used. Hence your kitchen needs to have variations of sanitization kits ready such as sanitization wipes, sprays, washes, and so on. 

Food With Longer Shelf Lives

The infrequency of grocery runs has made us more dependent on the long-lasting products in the pantry. All of the essentials we buy for our home needs to be both nutritious as well as long-lasting. This includes maybe spending a little extra on organic goods that have longer shelf life such as organic pasta, rice, wheat staples. Sometimes keeping cans of freshly peeled tomatoes, or freezing fruits such as raspberries will prevent you from making unnecessary trips to the grocery store in the middle of the pandemic. 

Sauces And More Sauces

You never know when you are going to end up making spaghetti or a delicious curry to go with your rotis and chapatis. Sauces and purees that are canned come in incredibly handy during the lockdown. Ordering food online is extremely limited during lockdown so our only option for a midnight craving is to actually cook it. Make sure to have a wide variety of sauces, toppings, purees ready for your meals. 

With staples like bread, rice, and varieties of pasta in place, it is also important to have your protein selection in your home. Your proteins, fats sugars, and desserts all need to be stocked in your home for the lockdown. When placing our grocery orders online, make sure to get the best of six: vegetables, fruits, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fiber.