SEO: One Of Modern Advertisers’ Most Important Tools

Social media has become more popular in recent years, thanks to the advancement of smartphone technology. As most social media apps are downloadable for free, many smartphone users would own at least one social media app that is popular among their family and friends. It provides a platform where users can freely interact with each other and post content of whatever they like to show to their family and friends. It can be a picture or video of food, location, themselves, and many more with the possibilities being endless. Additionally, social media helps to expose their users to more foreign-related news and products, which could pique their interest and educate them more about the happenings in the world.

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The internet provides a plethora of information that literally anyone can have access to, all thanks to Google who houses all kinds of information that is provided to users for free. As the biggest companies in the world, they specialized in various digital-related services, including their famous search engine. They have developed an algorithm that whenever users search for certain products, advertisements related to their recent searches will appear on any social media and video streaming platforms they use. The users would have little to no control as their only option is to either hide or select “never show this ad to me again” to decrease the frequency of the same advertisements appearing on their feed. However, these advertisements can reappear again regardless if they have previously blocked it depending on their most recent searches. Most companies today would use this opportunity to search for keywords to generate content that can be detected by Google’s algorithm and raise the awareness of their brand. This is commonly known as SEO, a process that helps companies to generate content more efficiently.

What SEO Can Do For Companies

SEO, or search engine optimization, is essential for companies to raise the awareness of their brand as it helps them to create the most optimal result to be detected by the Google algorithm. Once certain keywords or its variants are searched, their brand will be detected by the algorithm which will be spread across the users’ social media feeds. Because of that, many companies resort to digital marketing as a more cost-efficient and effective way to advertise their products throughout the internet. This would open up careers for content creators who are not only responsible for generating content for the company, but are also familiar with how Google algorithm works by searching for keywords that would help them generate content and get detected by the algorithm more easily. There are tools that guide  content writers to optimize their content by analyzing the keywords used, providing alternatives and recommendations to maximize their SEO result. 

For newly established companies, it can be difficult to conduct an SEO, especially when they are short-handed or not knowledgeable about how it works. To solve these issues, there are many digital marketing agencies established to help these companies conduct SEO for their clients while providing other services to help them develop their business. There are many SEO services Malaysia that are available to help their clients develop content to raise their brand’s awareness, so it is advisable for companies to hire digital marketing services that offer other services that they need to save cost, time and effort. Although the first few payments can be costly to hire an agency, they are more knowledgeable about how digital marketing works which could provide an additional bonus to their client’s business as they are able to use previously used strategies and adapt it onto their clients’ business.

Is SEO Difficult?

There are a few downsides of using SEO. As mentioned before, it can be difficult to conduct an SEO when you are not familiar with how it works. It can take up some of your time to learn about their use and the various tools that you can use to optimize your content. Depending on the company, some would take their time and recruit content writers of their own, which they are able to effectively communicate and create the necessary content for their company. But, some companies would want to start their business as soon as possible and would hire the help of digital marketing agencies to help them develop their business in addition to conducting an SEO. Additionally, the results will not be immediate as it will take time for Google’s algorithm to pick up your content and generate results. Therefore, newly established companies should not solely rely on SEO and search for other methods to raise their brand’s awareness. There is also a common misconception where most people believe that content writers know how to work with Google’s algorithm to maximize the benefits. In reality, no one knows how it works, especially for experienced content writers. Since it is created by Google, only they know how their algorithm works. As trends come and go, content creators will have to adapt and generate content that will have a higher chance getting detected by the algorithm. And lastly, conducting an SEO doesn’t mean that you will achieve the best result. As stated previously, the algorithm can work in various ways that no one other than Google knows. This could severely affect a company’s business as there is a potential of SEO backfiring against them instead.

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Overall, SEO might be a must-have for every company, but there are many other ways to advertise a product or services. Since most digital marketing agencies provide other types of services, they can help their clients to develop their business through various ways such as web design, branding, retargeting and many more depending on which agency they hire. They could also open their own social media page and post their products and sales often to attract the attention of their target audience. Having a social media page can work as an alternative as their loyal customers will be able to keep up-to-date with their favorite brand’s products and instill interest into buying their other products.

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