Things To Keep In Mind While Doing Influencer Marketing

So have you decided you need influencer marketing

We have all thought about influencer marketing for our business, for several reasons. Number one being obvious. The amount of exposure we get as a result of the internet. People are connected everywhere through high-speed internet, some with time fibre or maybe even your office’s choice of internet package. Either way, there has never been a better opportunity for business than to leverage internet and mobile marketing. One of the more effective strategies happens to be influencer marketing. 

Your business can grow beyond words when influencer marketing is done right. It can build a business from scratch and even possibly turn it into a six-figure business. It can bring your target market right to your doorstep. Web traffics will increase, orders will flow in, engagement will go higher. It also is a great long-term strategy to build community trust and attain the credibility of your business.  But there are some rules to how we approach influencer marketing. What are some important things we need to keep in mind when it comes to influencer marketing? 

  • Always Choose An Influencer In Your Niche

What good is an influencer who specializes in fishing products and catering to a large audience of men, going to do for a beauty brand? Probably not much. But can a beauty guru or a skincare influencer who is in your niche can do wonders for you? Most certainly. It takes a bit of research to understand the type of influencer you need but it definitely has to be within the niche. Connecting with people is great but influencers in the same niche are followed by your target market. Always head to where your target market is headed. Even within the same niche, there are so many different types of influencers. Be sure to take your time to understand the demographic profiling of the users engaging with the influence.r if the user fits the target market, you may have hit the jackpot!

  • Having A Good Relationship With Your Influencer. 

A good relationship states all the important details. It has communication, clear objectives, deliverables and mutual trust. A good relationship with your influencer means both parties understand their terms and objectives of the relationship. Both are motivated to satisfy each other’s needs and will work towards actual visible results. 

  • Counting engagement, not vanity measures

A huge misunderstanding we often have is the power the influencer holds. Do a million followers indicate a good following? No. does the number of likes indicate the purchasing influence? Again, no. How well the target market is connected to the influencer is measured by the engagement rate. Not the likes, the huge follower base, and so on. It is determined by good photo quality, creativity, a higher number of comments (Genuine comments), and a lot of engagement with the influencer. This is an indication of an influencer that will work for your influencer marketing strategy. 

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